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Cogmation Robotics

Nullspace Robotics has teamed up with Cogmation Robotics to introduce Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT), a powerful virtual LEGO Mindstorms EV3 simulator with virtual robotics competition tournaments for FIRST LEGO League and World Robot Olympiad.

Nullspace Robotics is the exclusive distributor for Virtual Robotics Toolkit in Singapore.

Keep the learning going, wherever you are

  • Work on EV3 robot programs without a EV3 set
  • Learn programming and robot debugging skills on the go
  • Simulate robot missions with scoring objectives
  • Replicate real world sensing with virtual robot sensors
  • Track score and time automatically
  • Choose from numerous virtual competition playfields to work on

Program using LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Software

VRT works with the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 software to enable you to program as you would for a physical LEGO robot. Working on a competition mission? Split up your robot program testing across multiple team members. Working on a school robotics project? Develop your robot program remotely without worrying about the hardware.

The LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 software is available for free download using Cogmation’s weblink.

Import your own robot designs with Studio 2.0

Import your own LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot designs and program it to solve missions! We recommend using Studio 2.0 with it’s simple to use interface and wide range of LEGO pieces. Simply create your virtual robot and export the design as a LDR file so that it can be imported into VRT.

Studio 2.0 Software is free for download.

Want to learn how to navigate and create your own LEGO projects using Studio 2.0? Check out our Facebook Live webinar information session!

Create and Import your own Robot Designs

  • Sale!

    Virtual Robotics Toolkit – Perpetual License

  • Sale!

    Virtual Robotics Toolkit – Annual License


Run your Robot using Virtual Robotics Toolkit Software

Test out the Virtual Robotics Toolkit simulator for yourself! Download the VRT software which includes 15 days of free trial. Once you are ready to commit, choose from either an Annual License or Perpetual License plan.

MacOS users do take note that Virtual Robotics Toolkit only works for macOS 10.14 Mojave

Virtual Robotics Coding Camp

What do students learn?

The Virtual Robotics Coding Camp is created to complement our Robotics Certificate Programme using LEGO EV3 (RCP), by enabling students to practice their LEGO EV3 Programming from home. The key topics covered in each level will complement those in the RCP programme, which will enable them to progress at a faster pace when physical classes resume. These lessons are not meant as a replacement for the physical RCP programmes.

Level 1

Prerequisite: Robotics Certificate Programme (Beginner Levels)

Level 1 is created for students to practice important programming concepts learnt in the Beginner levels of the RCP programme. Through 4 online sessions, students will be guided to cover key topics like accurate turns and use of various EV3 sensors.

Level 2

Prerequisite: Robotics Certificate Programme (Intermediate Levels) or Virtual Robotics (Level 1)

Level 2 is created for Intermediate students to practice more complex programming learnt in the Intermediate Levels of the RCP programme. Through 4 online sessions, students will be given different practices involving double line tracing and color scanning. Upon completion, students can sign up for the Virtual Robotics Competition.

Competition Training

Prerequisite: Robotics Certificate Programme (Advanced Levels) or Virtual Robotics (Level 2)

The Virtual Robotics Competition (VRC) Training will involve 3 sessions of online training and participation in 1 session of IDE Virtual Robotics Competition. During the 3 sessions of training, students will cover past year competition playfield and challenges. There will be 2 Virtual Robotics Competitions held annually.

Complementary Virtual Robotics Toolkit License

Students who sign up for any of the above Virtual Robotics Level or Competition Training will be provided with a single Virtual Robotics Toolkit license that is valid for 1 year from activation. This license will be used throughout the training.

Free Trial

Nullspace Virtual Robotics Toolkit
Mission Pack

If you are looking to try out a sample of our Mission Pack, we have made Mission 1 of our package free for students to explore and test out their skills!

Before you get started, you will need to download the trial version of VRT! It is available for download for free (15 day trial period), after which users will require a license to run the software.

You will also need the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Software, which is available for download for free as well.

Download Mission 1 (Free)Download Mission 1 (Free)Download Virtual Robotics Toolkit (15 day free trial)Download Virtual Robotics Toolkit (15 day free trial)