Virtual Robotics Toolkit – Perpetual License (SG)


For Singapore users only. Purchase perpetual software license key for Virtual Robotics Toolkit. Download the VRT software here. An additional $20 Maintenance Fee payment is payable to Cogmation Robotics annually. This payment covers new software updates and new WRO and FLL playfield release for the year payment was made. The user can still use the software perpetually without paying for the Maintenance Fee.

System Requirements


● Intel processors (i3, i5), AMD processors (A8, A10)/Multi-core processor, Intel i7

● 4 GB of RAM/8 GB of RAM

● Integrated graphics card/Dedicated graphics card

● Windows 7 or newer/Windows 8.1 or newer

● 64 bit Operating System

● Internet Connection (for initial one-time activation, competition and the Learning Environment)

Nullspace Robotics has teamed up with Cogmation Robotics to introduce Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT), a powerful virtual LEGO Mindstorms EV3 simulator with virtual robotics competition tournaments for FIRST LEGO League and World Robot Olympiad.

Nullspace Robotics is the exclusive distributor for Virtual Robotics Toolkit in Singapore.

Build your Virtual Robot using Studio 2.0 (Download)

Program your Robot using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Software (Download)

Run your Robot using Virtual Robotics Toolkit Software (Download)

Challenge your Skills with Nullspace VRT Mission Pack (More Info)