(Updated: 29 Oct 2021, 10:00pm)

Dear Parents,

We will be launching our year end school holiday programmes shortly. Our top priority is to provide a safe environment for our students who are attending onsite classes at our enrichment centres.

Students who are served a Health Risk Warning Order (HRW) are not allowed to attend our onsite classses. Individuals are on HRW if

  • they have been identified to be close contacts of a COVID positive case on Isolation Order, based on TraceTogether / SafeEntry records, or
  • are a household member of a COVID positive case on Isolation Order

While Ministry of Health has allowed for HRW individuals to resume normal activities if they test negative using ART, we have decided to take a more stringent approach given the fact that

  • majority of our students are under 12 years old and hence are unvaccinated
  • our students come from different school communities

If your class registration needs to be cancelled or rescheduled because of HRW, email us at c4rl@nullspace.com.sg or WhatsApp us at +65 9855 4017 and we will provide a rescheduling or full refund of the course fee paid.

Stay safe and together we can overcome! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Best Regards,
Nullspace Team – “We Nurture Brilliance”

(Updated: 7 Oct 2021, 4:00pm)

Dear Parents,

We will be resuming on-site classes at our enrichment centres starting from 11th Oct 2021 (Monday). This is in line with the latest announcement by MOE for the resumption of in-person classes for “face-to-face lessons for pupils aged 12 and below at tuition, enrichment centres and private education institutions.”

Read More: Phased Resumption of Face-To-Face Lessons for Primary Schools from 11 October

The Ministry of Education also declared 22nd October, the day after the PSLE marking exercise, as a school holiday.

For those who are unaware, the 2021 PSLE Marking Exercise will be conducted over four days, from 18 to 21 October. As per usual, primary school students will not be required to report to school during this period of marking.

With the announcement of the exceptional school holiday, “pupils will not need to report to school from Oct 18 to Oct 22, and there will be no HBL.” For parents who are thinking of signing up your children for programmes at our centre, you may consider our October Holiday Robotics Camps which is happening from the 4th to 22nd October.

Find out more: PSLE Marking Week Holiday Programmes

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email at c4rl@nullspace.com.sg. For urgent matters, do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp us at +65 9855 4017.

Hope to see you at our centres soon! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Best Regards,
Nullspace Team – “We Nurture Brilliance”

(Updated: 25 Sept 2021, 12:00 am)

Dear Parents,

As announced by the multi-ministry task force on Friday evening (Sept 24), “(from Sept 27 to Oct 10) … in-person tuition and enrichment classes for pupils aged 12 years and below must pivot online or otherwise be suspended.”

With the latest announcement of tightened measures to slow down community transmissions, we will be suspending all in-person classes at the Centre for Robotics Learning from 27th Sept 2021 to 10th Oct 2021.

For affected students, do keep a look out for our emails as we will be reaching out to you shortly with regards to the cancellation / postponement of affected classes.

As we are expecting an influx in email volume over the coming days, we seek your kind understanding as our team works doubly hard in getting back to each and every one of you.

Read More: Home-based learning for primary schools until Oct 7; tuition to move online under new Covid-19 rulesย 

Take Care, Stay Safe. ๐Ÿ™ย #StaySafeWithNullspace

Best Regards,
Nullspace Team – “We Nurture Brilliance”

(Updated: 24 Sept 2021, 5:00 pm)

Dear Parents,

With the rise in locally transmitted COVID-19 infections in the recent weeks, we understand that as parents, we are naturally worried about our children being at risk of contracting the virus – especially since they have yet to be vaccinated / qualified for such vaccinations.

To continue keeping your child safe, we have introduced a new weekly testing regime for ALL staff and instructors. This will allow us to identify potential COVID-19 cases within our premises at the earliest time, to prevent any transmissions from happening.

Weekly Testing Regime for Nullspace Instructors ๐Ÿ“…

With effect from 23rd September 2021, all Nullspace Staff will undergo an antigen rapid test (ART) on a weekly basis (every Thurs). Be rest assured that your child is in safe hands as we stay committed to ensuring the safety of all staff and students and we will continue to strictly enforce the Safe Management Measures that we have put in place.

Nullspace has achieved 100% Vaccination Status! ๐Ÿ’‰

You should also be relieved to know that our instructors are all fully vaccinated too!

Let’s continue practicing social responsibility and keep our centres covid-free. All the best for the upcoming year end examinations and we hope to see you back at our centres soon! Stay Safe, with Nullspace! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Best Regards,
Nullspace Team – “We Nurture Brilliance”

(Updated: 21 July 2021, 3:00 pm)

Dear Parents,

With the latest developments in the COVID-19 situation as announced on 20th July 2021, Singapore will be reverting to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from July 22 to Aug 18.

Continuation of On-Site Robotics Classes with Enhanced Safe Distancing Measures

Following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education, we will be continuing our on-site Robotics classes in groups of no more than 2 students. We have set clear boundaries by demarcating the classroom floors (using safety tapes) to ensure adequate safe distancing between our students and our instructors will ensure that there will be no intermingling between students from different groups / classes.

Read more: https://www.moe.gov.sg/news/press-releases/20210610-safe-management-measures-for-private-tuition-and-enrichment-in-phase-2-heightened-alert

Scheduled On-Site Robotics Classes Will Carry On As Usual

Take note that the LEGO Robotics and Arduino classes at our C4RL enrichment centres will carry on as usual.

Staff, parents, and students who show any signs of cough, flu, fever in the past 3 days will not be allowed into Nullspace premises. Students whose schools are currently under full Home Based Learning due to COVID cases are not allowed to attend classes on Nullspace premises as well.

Online Coding Classes #LearnFromHome

Should you prefer for your child to learn from home, our Scratch (ages 9-11) & Python (ages 11+) coding classes are still 100% conducted online. Concerned that the online classes will not be as effective and engaging? Don’t worry! All of our instructors are well-equipped and have been trained to deliver highly engaging classes both offline and online.

Cancellation / Postponement of Lessons

Should you wish to cancel / postpone your lessons, you may do so by clicking on the “Change/Cancel Registration” button on the confirmation email sent out to you. Do note that any class rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours in advance (unless valid reason such as MC or personal emergency is provided).

Enhanced Safe Management Measures

Be rest assured that we will be following the guidelines for the enhanced safe management measures strictly for the safety of your children and our instructors. Click here to watch our COVID-19 Safe Management Measure video we created last year.

Here’s a summary list of our Safe Management Measures In-Place:

  • Mandatory SafeEntry check in using TraceTogether token or mobile app.
  • Temperature screening and health declaration of students and staff.
  • Sanitisation of student work area at the start and end of every lesson.
  • Sanitisation of equipment (robotics sets, tools, etc) at the end of every lesson.
  • Students will be seated more than 1m apart andย clear acrylic barricades will be set up to divide student work area.
  • All visits into Nullspace premises are strictly by appointment only.
  • Hand sanitisers and alcohol wipes are made available for all visitors.

Get In Touch With Us

Should you have further queries, feel free to reach out to us via email at c4rl@nullspace.com.sg. For urgent matters, do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp us at +65 9855 4017.

Let’s do our part to keep Singapore safe!

Best Regards,
Nullspace Team – “We Nurture Brilliance”

Latest Announcement from MOE (7 Oct 2021, 12pm)

Nullspace Covid-19 Safe Management Video