Virtual Team Building

We have unique team building activities using virtual platform (Minecraft), read on to find out more!

1. Virtual Escape Room

Teams will have to hunt for clues and complete certain tasks within each virtual room setting before being granted access to the next virtual room. Communication is key!

2. Maze Architect

Teams will have to use limited resources to build a maze, that can delay the opponent team in reaching a prize! Strategy is key!

3. Pixel Pictionary

Team members will take turns, having one of them to become the pixel artist! By building blocks of different colours, teams will have to guess the word from the top-down image that they see!

LEGO Team Building

We have unique team building activities using LEGO and LEGO Robotics, read on to find out more!

For private bookings/corporate events, please email

We also run programmes for schools and at our private enrichment centre!

1. Mech Wars

Mech Wars is a team based real time strategy game done with physical LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits. Two teams of 3 to 5 people per side will pit their strategy, teamwork, and LEGO robots against each other. Teams will have approximately 3 hours of preparation time to build and practice their game play. Insane war game follows.

No prior experience with robotics or programming required. Our instructors will be on hand to guide participants in LEGO construction.

Watch the gameplay video here.

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2. First Person View Robot Racing

In FPV Racing, participants will get to build their own LEGO® robot car and race them around a track through an FPV goggle!

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3. LEGO® Robotics Introductory Training

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4. LEGO Mosaic Building

We will supply a set of LEGO® bricks and participants will work together as a team to build a LEGO® mosaic. Mosaic image and size will have to be discussed prior to team building event in order to supply the correct number of bricks and correct sized frame. Time required for mosaic building depends on the number of participants and size of mosaic.

LEGO Mosaic for Public Service Division (Public Service Leadership Dinner 2018)