About STEM Little Explorer Programme

The STEM Little Explorer Programme is a weekly STEM class to encourage creativity and hands-on learning in children that goes beyond just robotics and coding.

This programme empowers students to experience a variety of platforms, such as LEGO Robotics, 3D Pen, Scratch Game Creation, and Science related craft assembly projects.

Students will be exploring different Science topics each week with a mix of lessons across the different robotics and coding platforms.

Suitable for Ages 6 to 8 years old
LocationC4RL-WEST (Rochester Mall)
C4RL-EAST (Siglap)
Max Class Size4 students / instructor
Lesson Duration2 hours per session
Full Programme Length1 Year (approx. 40+ sessions)
Course Fees4 sessions – $336 or
8 sessions – $960 (5% off) or
24 sessions – $1,824 (10% off)

Trial class is available at $90 for a 2 hour session

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Every Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday
  • Lesson Timing: 4pm to 6pm
  • Download a copy of the course schedule for Term 3 & Term 4.
  • To check for vacancies, please visit our course booking page by clicking on the buttons below.

September Holiday Workshop Schedule

Have a taste of what the weekly STEM Little Explorer Programme is like! Here’s an overview of what to expect in this 4 day workshop:

  1. Dinosaur Dimetrodon Project (LEGO WeDo 2.0)
  2. Jellyfish Diver Project (Scratch Coding)
  3. Excavator Project (Wooden Toy)
  4. Moon Rover Project (LEGO WeDo + 3D Pen)

Dates: 5 Sept to 8 Sept, Mon to Thurs

Timing: 1pm to 3pm (Siglap & Rochester) / 4pm to 6pm (Only at Rochester)

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an interest in STEM through various Robotics, Coding, and Craftwork platforms
  • Build on Creativity, Problem Solving, and Spatial Awareness skills
  • Learn about various science topics like gravity and friction through craft assembly works
  • Develop an appreciation of how things work through understanding how hardware and software work together
  • Become familiar with the usage of a computer and learn basic computer skills such as typing and using a mouse/trackpad
  • Gain early exposure to Coding with popular block-based programming language Scratch

Peek into our Classrooms

Have a look at what our students have been up to in our STEM class!

LEGO® WeDo 2.0

Basic Scratch Game Creation

3D Pen Printing


Wooden Toy Assembly Projects

And More Platforms!