About Game Developer Certificate Programme

Instead of playing games made by others, why not code up your own game! Our Game Developer Certificate Programme using Scratch course promises a fun entryway into the world of programming and game design.

The Game Developer Certificate Programme is developed by Nullspace, originally designed for Singapore schools under Code for Fun (CFF) initiative and Computer Enrichment Programme (CEP) for the Gifted Education Programme schools.

More than a scratch coding class, this programme is designed to encourage logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will be confronted with a game project or problem to tackle every session. Lessons are conducted using the Scratch 3.0 software developed by MIT Media Lab.

Basketball Shootout

Spaceship Fighter

Bishibashi Sushi

Course Information

  • Recommended Age Group: 9 to 11 years old
  • Max Class Size: 4 students / instructor
  • Lesson Duration: 2.5 hours per session
  • Full Programme Duration: 16 sessions (4 levels x 4 sessions)
  • Course Fees: Lessons are charged according to our course package prices.
    4 sessions – $420 or 8 sessions – $800 (5% off) or 24 sessions – $2280 (10% off)

Course Progression

There are a total of 4 progressive levels (16 sessions) to complete the Game Developer Certificate Programme:

  • Scratch 101: Introduction to Scratch + Basic Scratch Animations (10 hours)
  • Scratch 102: Foundations of Game Logic (10 hours)
  • Scratch 201: Game Developer I – Basic (10 hours)
  • Scratch 202: Game Developer II – Intermediate (10 hours)

After completing Scratch 202 of the Game Developer Certificate Programme, students will be invited to join the Scratch 203 class where students will be personally mentored by our instructors to develop Game Projects of their choice.

  • Scratch 203: Game Developer III – Build Your Own Game (10 hours)

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in Scratch Coding competitions such as the IDE Series Code Builder competition event representing Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning.

Download Course Schedule (June to December 2022)

Course Proficiency Test & Certification

A proficiency test will be administered on the last session of the Scratch 102 and Scratch 202 levels to ascertain suitability for progression.

Certificate of Completion will be issued upon passing of the respective Scratch Proficiency Tests.

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