Junior Robotics using LEGO WeDo 2.0

About the Programme

Junior Robotics programme is developed by Nullspace to encourage creativity and hands-on learning in kids. There is a total of 24 hours of hands-on coursework spread over 3 different WeDo 2.0 projects. Lessons are conducted using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 kit.

More than just a LEGO building class, the WeDo 2.0 kit is designed to encourage critical thinking and expose kids to various Science topics such as life, physical, earth, space sciences, as well as engineering.


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Class Schedule

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Course Information

  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Max Class Size: 5 students
  • Course Fee: $300
  • Course Duration: 8 hours (4 sessions x 2 hours)

STEM Based Curriculum

  • Assembly of LEGO robot models
  • Science topics including: life, physical, earth, space sciences, engineering

Programming Skills

  • Graphical Based Programming using LEGO WeDo 2.0 App
  • Programming Flowchart
  • Problem definition and step-wise solution formulation

Projects 1, 2, 3

Fun Filled Projects

There are 3 Project Courses to sign up for. Each Project Course consists of 4 lessons where students get to build and program a unique WeDo Robot. Each lesson is based around a scientific topic that makes it interesting for students to explore! Students may choose to register for any Project Courses. These classes are non-progressive (i.e. you may register for Project 3 followed by Project 1).

Project 1

  • MILO Robot
  • Frog Metamorphosis
  • Speed of Car
  • Recycling

Project 2

  • Robust Structures
  • Plants and Pollination
  • Crane
  • Helicopter Drop and Rescue

Project 3

  • Robotic Arm
  • Pulling Robot
  • Moon Rover (1)
  • Moon Rover (2)

LEGO WeDo Frog


LEGO WeDo Bee Polinator

LEGO WeDo 2.0 Class Schedule (2019)

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