June 2021

Home Based
Coding & Robotics Classes

As part of our nationwide effort to stem the spread of COVID, Nullspace is shifting all our enrichment classes online until end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). We have a range of coding and robotics classes that are sure to engage your kids at home.

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Age 9 and up

Junior Game Developer with Scratch

Join us to create your very first game through Scratch, a drag-and-drop based programming software. Students will exercise both their logical sequential thinking skills, as well as their creative artistic skills to create interactive games with attractive graphics. Learn how to create Cookie Clicker and Hungry Shark games online and have great fun!

Age 11 and up

Junior Data Analyst with Python

Suitable for students ages 11 and above, this course will utilize the popular Python programming language to process data. Participants will learn about contemporary and industry relevant skillsets such as data processing, machine learning, and computer vision.

Age 9 and up

Virtual Robotics Coding Camp

To provide students with a way to continue their LEGO Robotics programming, we have come up with this course to allow for students to continue coding their robots virtually. This course is meant to complement and not replace the existing Robotics Certificate Programme using LEGO EV3. With 2 Levels leading onto the Virtual Robotics Competition, we hope to provide students with an avenue to showcase their skills despite the Home-based learning restrictions.

Age 10 and up

Inventor Certificate Programme with Arduino

This coding programme is developed by Nullspace to inculcate electronic and microcontroller proficiency in kids. With Arduino, students will be able to create their own open sourced projects at their own time, with their own creativity. With the Phase 2 measures, we will be mailing out the Arduino and said electronic components to your address, and conducting the lessons via Zoom.

Speak with Us!

We understand that you may have lots of questions with regards to our programmes and how our home based learning classes and onsite classes fit together.

Our friendly and helpful instructors will be available online to explain and go through our course format and provide course recommendations.