Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your centre’s program different from robotics courses offered at other places?

For a start, our class sizes are much smaller at 2 to 5 children (max 5) with each of them having their own robotics kit and laptop to work with, and we try to group children of the same age together. This allows children to have more freedom to ask questions and learn at their own pace. Secondly, program is mission/problem solving focused. This encourages children to explore different ideas in designing and programming their robot. This is in contrast to many centres which prints out a set of construction manual for children to follow. We also use real past year competition playfields as a platform to practice their mission solving skills. Lastly, all our instructors are experienced school robotics instructors, providing enrichment and competition training to MOE schools. Many of us represented our own schools in national and international robotics competitions when we were students ourselves.

What is the minimum age to sign up for your robotics courses?

Our recommended minimum age is as follows:

  • Junior Robotics (LEGO WeDo 2.0): 6 years old
  • Robotics Certificate Programme (LEGO® Mindstorms EV3) 8 years old
  • Inventor Certificate Programme (Arduino) 10 years old

While these are the recommended age; it depends a lot on the interest of the individual child. As far as possible, we group children of the same age range together (e.g. 8 to 10, 11 to 13).

How large (number of children) is each class?

2 to 5 children per class, with each child working on 1 robotics set and laptop each. This allows our instructors to provide specialised attention to every child’s learning progress.

How do I find out if a class is available?

You may contact us through email or by phone.

My child needs to be away, or is sick during one of the sessions. What happens then?

It is vital that you do not sign up for classes that you will not be able to attend. However for extenuating circumstances (e.g. child is sick), we will try to arrange a make up class for your child so that he/she can proceed with the program.

How do I do the registration and payment?

You can do the registration online or in person at our centre. We accept cash, cheque, and bank funds transfer. However, our centre is only opened at specific class timings and an appointment can be arranged for you to visit our centre. Do contact us for more information or to check out if a course timing is available.

Do you offer trial lessons?

No. But parents and children are free to drop by the centre to find out more about our lessons. Do call to check for suitable timings for visits as our centre is only opened during specific class timings.

Do you conduct birthday parties or other corporate events?

Yes, you may contact us with your requirements so that our team can put together a specially-customised program to suit your needs.

What is the aim of the Robotics Certificate Programme? What will my children learn from this course?

The entire program is split into six levels. In the first two Beginner level, we cover the foundational concepts of the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 robotics system. In the next two Intermediate levels, we cover more complicated structures, programming, basic mission solving skills and robotics competition know-how. The last two Advanced levels are for children who want to learn advanced construction and programming techniques for robotics competition missions. We encourage students who have completed the Advanced levels to take part in robotics competitions as part of their learning experience.

How are your lessons structured?

There are a total of 6 levels in the program. Each level consists of 4 sessions of 2.5 hours. Regardless of level, each session is roughly split into 30% teaching and 70% mission solving. We give a different mission to the students every session, they will have to use the time to plan, construct and program their robot. Allocating more time for hands on mission solving activity is intentional; it encourages children to be more engaged in learning.

Do you have a list of upcoming robotics competitions for my child to take part in?

You can check out our compiled list of robotics competitions and let us know if you have any competition which you are keen in signing up for. We can advise if they are opened for private teams to participate. You can also opt to join our mailing list to stay updated of the upcoming local competitions. Students who have completed the Advanced 2 level coursework will be invited to join these competitions.

What is the aim of the Inventor Certificate Program? What will my children learn from this course?

The entire program is split into seven levels. In the introductory level, we cover the foundational concepts of the Arduino microcontroller and electronics through a drag-and-drop programming interface. In the Beginner levels, we cover text-based programming in a simplified C/C++ language environment. In the Intermediate levels, we cover additional electronics components and more advanced programming structures to prepare students to build mini-guided application-based projects. Arduino is a popular open-source microcontroller platform used all around the world for prototyping projects. We have been offering Arduino courses to schools as an enrichment programme and believe that every student should have a chance to learn Arduino too.

Will each student get his/her own kit of microcontroller board and electronic components?

Yes, for our Arduino Inventor Courses, each student will be given a set of microcontroller board and electronic components which they have to bring to each class. Additional electronic components will be given at the relevant course stages so that the students can build a greater variety of projects as they progress through the levels. We hope to empower them with both the skills and tools to conceptualise their ideas and projects.

My child has attended a robotics program at another centre, can we sign up for the Intermediate levels instead of Beginner?

We allow children who have attended robotics classes in school or at other enrichment centres to advance straight to higher levels, depending on their proficiency. They will be assessed through an evaluation test to ensure suitability of joining the Intermediate course. Additional fees of $50 will apply for the evaluation test.

Do you issue certificates at the end of the course or bootcamp?

We do not issue certificates upon completion of each coursework. Certificates will only be issued upon passing our proficiency test scheduled at the end of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced course.

What is the proficiency test about?

At the end of Beginner 2, Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2, students will have to pass the proficiency test before they can progress to the next level. The test takes about an hour and will consist of both written and practical components. It is an open-book test designed to assess our students’ understanding and application of the lessons covered during the course. Additional fees of $50 will apply for the evaluation test.

What happens if my child fails the proficiency test?

We will determine the components which your child needs help with. Your child will be recommended to attend a re-course or additional lessons for more practice with the coursework. Subsequently, a re-test will be arranged and conducted. Additional fees for re-course and re-test applies.