Junior Game Developer using Scratch

About the Programme

The Junior Game Developer programme is developed by Nullspace, originally designed for Singapore schools under Code for Fun (CFF) initiative and Computer Enrichment Programme (CEP) for Gifted Education Programme (GEP) schools.

More than a scratch coding class, the programme is designed to encourage logical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be confronted with a game project or problem to tackle every session.

There is a total of 40 hours of hands-on coursework spread over 4 levels. Lessons are conducted using the Scratch 3.0 software developed by MIT Media Lab.

Course Information

  Recommended Age: 9-11 years old
  Max Class Size: 5 students per class
  Course Duration: 10 hours per level (4 sessions x 2.5 hours). Total 4 levels.


Scratch Coding Class

  • Block based Scratch programming
  • Creating a Scratch portfolio with an online Scratch account

Computational Thinking

  • Graphical Based Programming using Scratch 3.0
  • Programming Flowchart
  • Translating a game design into programming rule
Course Packages

What Will Students Receive?

  Online Scratch coding portfolio
  Digital and Physical Certificate of Completion

Certificates will be issued upon passing of Scratch Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Proficiency Test respectively.


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Centre Locations

C4RL-WEST (Rochester Mall) & C4RL-EAST (Siglap). [Centre Information]

Class Schedule

We have both weekly weekend classes and school holiday classes. Scroll below for the updated schedule.

Scratch Coding Class Activities

The fun way to learn computational thinking skills!

There are 4 levels in the program. Each level consists of 4 sessions x 2.5 hours of course work. Students will be working on their project individually (no sharing of laptops). Laptops will be provided for use in this programme.

Computational Thinking:
  • Sequential action blocks
  • Selection – If/Else
  • Repetition – Loops
  • Logic – True/False comparison
  • Variables
Game Development Project:
  • Pong
  • Tug of War
  • Sprite Attack
  • Cookie Clicker
Computational Thinking:
  • Program debugging
  • Logic – True/False comparison
  • Variables – Incrementing game scores
Game Development Project:
  • Basketball Shootout
  • Crossy Road
  • Block Breaker
Scratch Foundations Proficiency Test
  • 2 hours Theory and Coursework
  • Open Book
Computational Thinking:
  • Program debugging
  • Logic – True/False comparison
  • Variables – Incorporating math formulae
Game Development Project:
  • Virtual Calculator
  • Factors and Multiples Generator
  • Street Fighter
  • Spaceship Fighter EX
Computational Thinking:
  • Game mechanics design
  • Program debugging
Game Development Project:
  • Student Developed Game

Scratch Coding Class Schedule (2020)

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The following classes will be offered on a home based learning format through online video conferencing.
It will be kept to a maximum of 3 students per instructor to allow for more personalised instruction and guidance.

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Do it Together Scratch Webinar

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