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Junior Data Analyst
using Python

About the Programme

The Junior Data Analyst programme is developed by Nullspace as part of the Computer Enrichment Programme (CEP) for Gifted Education Programme (GEP) schools.

We use the popular Python 3.0 to teach contemporary and industry relevant skillsets such as data processing, machine learning, and computer vision for self-driving robot cars.

There is a total of 60 hours of hands-on coursework spread over 6 levels.

Course Information

Recommended Age: 11 years old and up
Max Class Size: 5 students per class
Course Duration: 10 hours per level (4 sessions x 2.5 hours). Total 8 levels.

Course Packages

What Will Students Receive?

Digital and Physical Certificate of Completion

Certificate will be issued upon passing of the respective Python Proficiency Test


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Centre Locations

C4RL-WEST (Rochester Mall) & C4RL-EAST (Siglap). [Centre Information]

Class Schedule

We have both weekly weekend classes and school holiday classes. Scroll below for the updated schedule.

Python Coding Class Activities

The easy way to learn computing skills!

There are 6 levels in the program. Each level consists of 4 sessions x 2.5 hours of course work. Students will be working on their project individually (no sharing of laptops). Laptops will be provided for use in this programme.

Introduction to Python

Computing Topics:

Introduction to programming & Python syntax

  • Navigating through Python IDE programming interface
  • Learn to write simple Python scripts and basic troubleshooting

Using variables & operators

  • Understand common data types used and solving arithmetic problems

If/Else statements

  • Learn to include various conditionals into Python scripts


  • Using various loops to perform selective repetition and sequence iterations

Generating a mutiplication table in Introduction to Python

Big Data & File Processing

Computing Topics:

Data types & formatting

  • Format data sequences to optimize display outputs

File operations & processing

  • Read and write external text files for data cleaning and modifications

Object oriented programming

  • Understand Class objects and attributes

Classes & methods

  • Use of special class methods and operator overloading

Learning about Object Oriented Programming in Python Beginner 2

Objects & Python GUI

Computing Topics:

Class inheritance

  • Working with multiple classes with inherited attributes and methods

Introduction to Python Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Learn to generate external Python GUI window and its settings
  • Understand basic widgets to be added to interact with users

Widget organisations on GUI

  • Understand advanced widgets that accepts user inputs
  • Mixing widgets together to create interactive GUI windows

Data Analytics and Exploration

Computing Topics:

Introduction to NumPy

  • Work with data arrays and manipulation

Python plots

  • Data visualization through charts and graphs to observe trends

Data analysis with pandas

  • Clean and process data from CSV format data files

Data exploration with seaborn

  • Advanced data visualization with multi-variable comparisons

Introduction to Machine Learning

Computing Topics:

Basic machine learning algorithms

  • Understand simple prediction and categorizing algorithms

Evaluation metrics

  • Learn to assess and evaluate machine learning algorithms for comparisons

Introduction to deep learning

  • Understand basic structure of neural networks and their components

Simple neural networks

  • Create sequential models for datasets and perform training and testing of data

Deep Learning with Images

Computing Topics:

Convolutional neural network

  • Work with special layer types and understanding their effects

Introduction to image recognition

  • Understand how images are processed and converted for recognition
  • Create sequential models for simple image datasets to test accuracy

Image pre-processing for custom datasets

  • Look into pre-processing steps for file organization of custom datasets
  • Preparing custom training and testing datasets in directories

Raspberry Pi & Python GUI

Coming Soon

Computer Vision & Self Driving Robot Cars

Coming Soon

Python Coding Class Schedule (2020)

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The following classes will additionally be offered on a home based learning format through online video conferencing.
It will be kept to a maximum of 3 students per instructor to allow for more personalised instruction and guidance.

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