Welcome to the Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning!

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(Rochester Mall)

35 Rochester Drive, #03-07
Singapore 138639

(Figaro Street)

5B Figaro Street
Singapore 458329

(Pop-Up Centre)

Eye Level @ Blk 671 Edgefield Plains, #02-04, Singapore 820671

Experience our Award Winning Robotics & Coding Classes

Junior Robotics Programme (Ages 6-8)

Lessons are conducted using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 kit.

Robotics Certificate Programme (Ages 9+)

Lessons are conducted using the latest LEGO Education SPIKE Prime kit.

Inventor Certificate Programme (Ages 10+)

Lessons are conducted using Arduino Microcontroller components.

Robotics Explorer Programme (Ages 8-9)

Lessons are conducted using the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 kit.

Junior Game Developer Programme (Ages 8-11)

Lessons are conducted Online through Zoom using the Scratch 3.0 Software.

Junior Data Analyst Programme (Ages 11+)

Lessons are conducted Online through Zoom using the Python 3.0 Software.

Robotics Competition Training Class (Invite Only)

Prerequisite: Completion of Robotics Certificate Programme (Advanced Level).

CATALYST DSA Preparatory Programme (Invite Only)

Prerequisite: Completion of Inventor Certificate Programme (Intermediate 2)

Join us this Year-End Holidays & have fun with Nullspace!

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We bring out the best in our students.

With a hands-on approach to learning, Nullspace empowers learners to have moments of self discovery through a
growth mindset and a can-do attitude. Rather than providing step-by-step instructions for kids to follow every session,
we prefer to let our students struggle on a given problem, work on the solution themselves, before we finally
provide suggestions for improvements. Our students learn through doing.

Small Class Sizes

Our classes are kept small to maximise learning with an average instructor to student ratio of 1:3

Individual Equipment

Each student is equipped with a set of robotics kit and laptop for a more hands-on learning experience

Performance-based Learning

Learn and progress at your own pace through our modular curriculum system

See what others have to say about us!

My 6yo finally got his wish when we signed him up for the Oct holiday weeklong camp at Rochester. He had always wanted to embark on the Lego robotics projects and this camp had utterly fulfilled his wish list. As a parent, nothing is better than having a happy child who comes back eagerly sharing what he did and having something to show. From his sharing, we heard how patient and nice all the various instructors were to him. (Thank u instructor Gerald, Victor and Javier). My son thought they were very humorous too.Would highly recommend any parent to enrol their kids for the camps. The 4 hours flew by and kid is well entertained and cared for. While checking on the upcoming programmes based on their observations and parents feedback, the instructors were very patient and am happy to know they are constantly updating their course to make it more fun for the kids.Definitely a worthy consideration for any parents with kids interested in robotics.( note: this is review for their holiday camp not weekly classes)
Pauline’ C.
Pauline’ C.
06:13 15 Oct 21
Thank you for nurturing Ariff's interest in your Inventor Certificate Programme.He has shown great enthusiasm throughout the course. Despite facing some challenges, he persevered.We are proud of his achievement thus far.
Zaki A.
Zaki A.
09:36 12 Sep 21
Wonderful team at Nullspace Siglap. My boy really enjoyed the Mindstorm robotics lessons.
Grace Y.
Grace Y.
03:08 01 Aug 21
Fantastic people dedicated to their craft. Would recommend!
Jacqueline G.
Jacqueline G.
16:40 08 Jul 21
My son (he is 10 years old) really enjoyed the begginer robotics course he did at Nullspace. The environment is great, the equipment is all provided and the instructors are very friendly. He is already talking about the intermediate robotics and maybe some coding!
Elena C.
Elena C.
07:15 08 Jul 21
Best summer camp my son ever participated to!Never saw him so motivated and happy to participate to an activity. He had a lot of fun creating and coding Lego dinosaurs and was very proud of his final creation.First, I was afraid the Robotics Camp (for 6 to 8y) would be complex for the younger ones, but Ian and Edmund have been amazing coaches. They were very patient, enthusiastic and helpful teachers. My son asked me to put 10 stars. I highly recommend this camp!
elisabeth P.
elisabeth P.
06:06 07 Jul 21
My son has been with Nullspace since last December and I can say that Nullspace has really groom him well in his robotics skills. Thank you for nurturing my son in the area of robotics. The centre is also very accommodating and always able to adjust and try to fit my son’s enrichment schedule.
Ashley F.
Ashley F.
10:15 03 Jul 21
Great programs and very thoughtful educators. The center caters to varying needs of their students and we highly recommend it!
Aparna Chari S.
Aparna Chari S.
00:04 01 Jul 21
Nice and spacious setup for learning robotics.
Kok Hoong W.
Kok Hoong W.
03:37 28 Jun 21
It was awesome! The class was fun and easy to follow. Teacher Javier was very funny and nice.
Tracy L.
Tracy L.
06:05 12 Jun 21
My son enjoyed the games he programmed on scratch and teacher Edmund was very patient. The low teacher student was fabulous as teaching was done online. Thank you!
Tang H.
Tang H.
08:43 05 Jun 21
Children had fun learning and building robotics models. Teachers were kind and patient. Thank you!
Phyllis T.
Phyllis T.
05:03 03 Jan 21
First time attending coding and robotics holiday camp. She loves it! Thank you 😊
Christine A.
Christine A.
03:49 02 Jan 21
Great educational programs for kids!
Daniel H.
Daniel H.
03:30 02 Jan 21
The instructors are friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the course that I signed up for..
Sha A.
Sha A.
05:51 12 Dec 20

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