Who Are We?

We are the private enrichment arm of Nullspace Robotics, providing robotics enrichment and robotics training classes to Singapore schools since 2008. Robotics enrichment and teaching is our core focus.

We are a team of instructors with awards in national and international robotics competitions. We love playing with LEGO® , and we believe that we can inspire learning through play. Our class sizes are kept small (2 to 5 kids) in order to provide specialised attention to all our students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a learning environment that is self directed. Simply put, our course materials are structured in a way to enable kids to uncover learning points themselves, with worksheets and notes provided for kids to refer to. While some enrichment centres provide LEGO® assembly instructions for kids to follow every session, we prefer to let students to struggle on a given problem, work on the robot themselves, before we finally provide suggestions for improvements.

Our Classes

We have a range of robotics and codinig classes for beginners to experts, with varying difficulty for kids aged 6 to 16, and adults.

We are located at the Rochester Mall (C4RL-West) and Figaro Street (C4RL-East).

FIRST LEGO League 2016/17 - Champion Strategy and Innovation

FIRST LEGO League 2016/17 – Champion Strategy and Innovation

NJRC 2016 Championship Award

C4RL Course Schedule

(July to September 2021)

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C4RL Robotics & Coding Courses

for kids and adults!

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